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EA Training Tutorial

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EMWStar Fury Pilot tutorial

The tutorial is set just of the transfer point at IO. Learn how to master space combat in the EA Star Fury as you undergo 6 Training missions. Each training missions gets harder and harder as you progress through them. The Training missions will cover targeting, maneuvers, dog fighting, evasion and tactical awareness. Your final mission in the 6 mission tutorial is worthy of even hardened star fury pilots. Your task is to take on a number of enemy fighters and a capital ship, with the help of some other star fury pilots it will be a very challenging mission After completion of the 6 training missions you have earned the right to wear your wings. This tutorial will soon be available for download,

EA Training Specifications

Total Missions
Pilotable Ships
EA Star Fury
Tested with
TBP base 3.4
Difficulty Rating

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