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Deep Space Terror


Aliens meets Event horizon meets Babylon 5 in this chilling non linear mini campaign. You are attached to an EA Search and Rescue ship who embarks on a secret mission to recover an EA Experimental ship lost years before. There are many different routes you may take in this campaign and two different ending endings. The Infestation campaign is non-linear meaning that there are various routes and 2 different endings. Every action you take on each mission will effect your next mission. You are attached to a Black Ops top secret search and rescue vessel who has been tasked to search the location of a distress beacon that suggests an experimental EA ship lost over 10 years ago has now been found. You pilot an EA Star Fury in this chilling tale as you try to survive the horror that awaits. Infestation is currently being updated for use with TBP 3.4 final base pack, It is due for re-release at the end of August.

Infestation Specifications

Total Missions
Pilotable Ships
EA Star Fury
Raiders, EA Ships, Vorlons
Tested with
Difficulty Rating




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