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The Earth Brakiri War


The Earth Brakiri War is about to start! On Monday the 28 July 2008 you will have the chance to play an Earth Alliance pilot fighting his way through the Earth Brakiri War. The 26 mission campaign is now complete and the final pieces are being put together and is being beta tested prior to release. The trailer is now available for download. The Earth Brakiri War is based around around an alternative Babylon 5 universe so don't expect an easy ride. You play the part of an EA pilot facing a formidable enemy. EBW will feature 26 missions, your first being first contact and the last being the battle of the line on Earth or an assault on the Brakiri home world. EBW is challenging but with practice and determination you must try and save Earth. During the course of the 26 missions you will find yourself in varying locations in both Earth space and Brakiri space. there will be varying cut scenes as the storyline follows a pilots view of the war.



Earth Brakiri War Specifications

Total Missions
Pilotable Ships
EA Star Fury, EA Thunderbolt, Brakiri Falkosi, Narn Gorith
Raiders, Shadows, Drazi, Centauri & Brakiri
Tested with
TBP 3.4 final
Difficulty Rating

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Screenshots Available

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