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survivorSurvival Mode

As its title states, this is like a survival mode. Battle your way through 10 rounds of mayhem. Starting off easy, with every round completed the next will get harder and harder. A variety of challenging missions are in survivor ranging from dog fighting to evasion. Do you have what it takes to survive? wings. The Survivor campaign increases with difficulty with every round passed. You have the opportunity to pilot a variety of craft from the different races in the B5 universe. You get to pilot a starfury, thunderbolt, Narn Frazi, EA Skylark, Minbari Lintra and more. Survivor is currently being modified to work correctly with TBP 3.4 final base pack. It will be released in August 2008. Please keep an eye on the work in progress page to find out the latest on the status and release of this survival mode.

Survivor Specifications

Total Missions
Pilotable Ships
EA Star Fury/Thunderbolt/Skylark, Narn Frazi, Minbari Lintra and the Drazi Sky Serpent.
Raiders, EA,, Vorlons, Shadows, Centauri, Drakh and the Dilgar
Tested with
TBP base 3.4
Difficulty Rating


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